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A New Year's Resolution to Divorce?

Traditionally, Divorce filings spike dramatically upward in the month of January. In some years, the amount of new Divorce filings are up in January by almost 33% over any other month in the year. Many attorneys see a surge in new Divorce clients in January. In fact, the first Monday of the month is often referred to as "Divorce Monday" by Family Law Attorneys, and the entire month of January, as "Divorce Month." This dramatic increase in January Divorce is also consistent with traffic on Dating Apps, such as, which can go up by as much as 38% in the first week of January. This rise in January Divorce filings could be caused by a number of factors.

Many legal experts familiar with this trend believe the uptick could be because unhappily married couples wait until after the holidays to separate. Generally, this time is when families get together to enjoy the holiday season with each other. This is often reason enough to stay in a broken relationship for a few more weeks, without having to answer questions from that one nosy relative about their marital situation. Staying together during this time is particularly so for couples with children, as many parents want to make certain that their kids have as normalized a holiday season as possible.

Others experts have concluded that since January is traditionally the time for New Year's Resolutions, seeking a Divorce may be on the list as are losing a few pounds, quitting smoking, gaining financial stability--so why not, Divorce? An unsatisfying marriage can be a big reason to make change with the coming new year.

Financial factors, such as the filing of taxes, may be another reason for waiting until the next year to separate. Perhaps the unhappily married couple want to maximize their tax benefit by staying together at the end of one year, but begin anew with the next. It should be noted that with the recently passed Trump Tax Plan, there are significant tax consequences upon divorcing couples.

While the actual reasons may vary as to why more people file for Divorce in January as opposed to any other month, speaking with an experienced family law attorney is always recommended.

Family law litigation can be emotionally difficult and complex. Decisions made about each step of the litigation can affect you for many years. We have years of experience helping our clients with their divorce and can help you through the process. Contact us today at (253) 838 – 3377 or email at, to talk about your situation.

Disclaimer: All materials provided on this website have been prepared by Bains Law Firm for general information purposes only and no representation is made as to their completeness or accuracy. Information on this website is not intended as legal advice, and may not be relied upon as such. Only an attorney who can review the unique facts of each case and apply them to the statutes, case law and court rules can provide legal advice. Nothing in this website shall be construed to create an attorney-client relationship.

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