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Bains Law Firm offers Arbitration and Mediation while Courts are Limited

During this time of uncertainty due to COVID-19, Bains Law Firm is offering arbitration and mediation services for cases that are unable to wait for the full reopening of the courts. We have substantial experience and a deep understanding of legal, financial, and emotional elements inherent in Family Law matters.

Both King and Pierce County Superior Courts have limited temporary order hearings due to COVID-19. One benefit from using our mediation and arbitration service is that we can quickly obtain an enforceable resolution for the parties while the Courts are limited at this time.

How Does Temporary Order Arbitration Work?

1. Parties or their Attorneys must come to agreement that they want to proceed and not wait for the courts.

2. Parties or their Attorneys must contact Bains Law Firm to perform conflict checks, select an available date, and execute the arbitration agreement. Please email:

3. Parties must submit motion and supporting materials, as well as, their responsive materials and any reply materials that need to be reviewed by the arbitrator.

4. Both parties will have an opportunity for oral argument, unless waived in advance. The arbitrator will issue a written ruling to the parties who will prepare the ruling into an agreed temporary orders, which will then be entered into ex parte by the parties.

What About Mediation?

Mediation is also available, if the parties would rather address their dispute via traditional mediation, that option remains available as well. Mediation will provide the opportunity for parties to resolve matters by agreement.

How Do I Schedule and How Much Is It?

If you are interested in scheduling an arbitration or mediation, please email us at Attorney Raj Bains will be available for both telephonic and video conferencing via ZOOM ( for $300 per hour. Using telephonic and video conferencing allows all parties to stay in compliance to the social distancing guidelines and complying with the stay at home order that is currently enacted. Prior to mediation, both parties must sign a mediation agreement, or agreed order to submit to binding arbitration, and file all relevant documents pursuant to local court rule.

Family law litigation can be emotionally difficult and complex. Decisions made about each step of the litigation can affect you for many years. At Bains Law Firm, we have decades of experience helping our clients through the difficulty of family law matters of all types and can help you through the process. Contact us today at (253) 838 – 3377 or email at, to talk about your case.

Disclaimer: All materials provided on this website have been prepared by Bains Law Firm for general information purposes only and no representation is made as to their completeness or accuracy. Information on this website is not intended as legal advice, and may not be relied upon as such. Only an attorney who can review the unique facts of each case and apply them to the statutes, case law and court rules can provide legal advice. Nothing in this website shall be construed to create an attorney-client relationship.


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