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Spring Break Ideas - Stuck at Home Version

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many children will be stuck at home during their spring break, here are some ideas other than video games and Tik Tok to keep them busy.

1. Bake as a family.

- Chocolate Chip Cookies (click here for a recipe)

- Easy Pretzel Bites (click here for a recipe)

- Easy No-Bake Cookie Balls (click here for a recipe)

- Easy Pancake Bites (click here for a recipe)

2. Art Projects

a. Paper & Craft Sticks Lantern (click here for instructions)

b. Paper Plate Crafts (click here for instructions)

c. Salt Dough Easter Eggs (click here for instructions)

d. Easy- No Sew Sock Bunny (click here for instructions)

3. Games

- We all have a few board games or even card games stuck in a closet somewhere in our home, pull them out and enjoy with your family.

- If you do not have any games at home, here are some games you could make yourself at home:

- DIY Board game for spelling and math practice (Click for instructions)

- Fun using masking tape

- Create an indoor game of hopscotch or tic-tac-toe with masking tape

- Hangman

- Animal Walks

- Write a variety of animals on different pieces of paper, throw them into a hat, have each child choose one and then have them walk around the house pretending to be like the chosen animal and see how long it takes you and anyone else playing to figure out what animal it is.

- Create an obstacle course through your house or even the backyard.

- Simon says

4. Science Projects

- Rainbow in a jar (Click for instructions)

- Galaxy in a jar (Click for instructions)

- DIY Kaleidoscope (Click for instructions)

- Mindfulness Glitter Jar (Click for instructions)

- Two ingredient Slime (Click for instructions)

5. Stay in contact with friends and family.

- Facetime or give them a call

- Draw them pictures or even write them a letter.

6. Have a Backyard Picnic

7. Have a Dance Party

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