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COVID-19 Financial Relief

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought tremendous financial challenges for many individuals and their families. We have never been through such a dramatic economic shutdown, and it is antithetical to the American spirit. Being out of a job, having a business on the brink of closing, not being able to pay bills or afford necessities, such as food, are all tragic realities of our current situation.

Beyond everyone's personal health and safety, all of us here at Bains Law Firm deeply care about the economic plight of our fellow citizens. We hope the following list of resources might provide some help. We will get through this troubling time. In addition to this list, there are various community pages here on Facebook that are offering support and help, we recommend looking up your city or county that you reside in to find your community Facebook pages. Please look out for one another and stay safe everyone. We can get through this if we all help and support each other.



Washington State Unemployment:

Worker's Compensation:

Individual and Family Health

Financial Help in King County:

Service Members


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