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Things to do Before Filing for Divorce

1. Educate Yourself About the Process

Before filing for any family law action, such as divorce (or Legal Separation and Committed Intimate Relationship) educate yourself about that process. This can be beneficial when you decide to move forward. Consulting with an attorney may be helpful. In addition to seeking legal advice, reading other materials may also be useful. Be selective, as there is a lot of inapplicable and misinformation online. As divorce laws vary from state to state, gathering information specific to Washington State is important.

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2. Spend Time with Your Children

Spending as much time as possible with you children is important. Consider how the potential change will impact your child’s needs, emotions, and health. Allowing time for fun activities is important but so is providing a stable routine. Above all else, children need to be reassured that they have the love and support of both parents, even if the whole family will not be together anymore.

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3. Review and Edit Social Media

In this day and age, reviewing all Social Media is essential. Communications, pictures, and posts, are often used in Court as evidence. Remember, even if you believe these posts are private, the other party may have access to them. A careful review of all social media can be beneficial to avoid future embarrassment.

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4. Gather Together Financial Records

Knowing the financial implications of a divorce is important. Splitting one household into two can causes strain on any family's budget. Your financial situation will be considered when determining child support, spousal support, routine servicing of monthly bills and even payment of the other party’s attorney’s fees. When the case reaches a conclusion, there will often be division of assets (property/accounts), allocation of debts, and consideration of retirement accounts. As a result, it is very important to gather up copies of tax returns, paystubs and various account statements for review prior to the filing of a case.

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Family law litigation can be emotionally difficult and complex. Decisions made about each step of the litigation can affect you for many years. We have years of experience helping our clients with their divorce and can help you through the process. Contact us today at (253) 838 – 3377 or email at, to talk about your situation.

Disclaimer: All materials provided on this website have been prepared by Bains Law Firm for general information purposes only and no representation is made as to their completeness or accuracy. Information on this website is not intended as legal advice, and may not be relied upon as such. Only an attorney who can review the unique facts of each case and apply them to the statutes, case law and court rules can provide legal advice. Nothing in this website shall be construed to create an attorney-client relationship.

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