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Five Tips That Can Help Going Back to School Easier

It is officially that time of year again, where the summer is ending, and we are preparing our children and ourselves for them to go back to school. These last couple of weeks prior to school starting are often spent enjoying the summer vacation and to getting back into a routine. Here are a few tips to make going back to school as smooth as possible…

1. Establish a Regular Routine

During the summer break, it’s easier to be more relaxed about a schedule – meals aren’t eaten at the regular times, bed times are all over the place and having friends over during the week are more common. Now is a good time to regulate your child’s routine. Setting a bedtime Sunday through Thursday before going back to school helps readjust. Also, it can be helpful to begin intellectual/stimulating activities before that bed time, reading and puzzles to name a few.

2. Plan your Back-to-School Expenses

With the kids going back to school there are many things that they are going to need and expenses that are going to come up. We recommend reviewing the situation with your co-parent. It is important that your child is set up for success in both households. Also, having a game plan of who is going to pay for what, can save an argument down the road. Think outside the box: going back to school isn’t just about buying school stationery, but also renewing bus passes, sorting their wardrobe, replacing old shoes and even budgeting an allowance for school lunches. Avoid peak times when planning your purchases or, shop around online. Don’t forget to discuss your respective expenses as well as your views on how these should be allocated. Always make sure both parents are informed of all school expenses such as, sports, books, ASB, Dances, etc..

3. Find an Extracurricular Activity

Extracurricular activities, such as drama, music, sports and scouting, are vital to your child, they build their self-confidence, teach important life lessons and channel their extra energy. Most of the extracurricular activities require advance sign ups, registration fees and may need medical clearing, such as a physical from the child’s pediatrician. Make sure both you and your co-parent have an idea of all the requirements involved so that your child can participate.

4. Put their Mind at Ease by Keeping Things Tidy

A tidy and well-stocked desk at both houses can not only motivate your child to get back into the school mindset but give them confidence that they are can be successful! If your child is old enough for homework, set them up with supplies and a place where they can focus on their homework and studying. Having a tidy backpack in class will also reassure them.

5. Update your Notebook

A shared notebook for separated parents means vital information can be accessed stress-free at any time! Filling the notebook with important contact information for your child’s doctors, coaches, and teachers. This notebook can also include updated calendars of the child’s school events and extracurricular activities. Other methods for having effective communication with the other parent can be found at our blog on Co-Parenting Apps .

Divorce with minor children can be emotionally difficult and the decisions made can affect you for many years. We have years of experience helping our clients through the difficulty of divorce and creating a suitable parenting plan. Contact us today at (253) 838 – 3377 or email at, to talk about your divorce or need to create a parenting plan.

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