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Parenting Plan

In a divorce with minor children, both spouses need to consider the importance of creating a parenting plan. A parenting plan will determine how much time each spouse spends with the children. A parenting plan will also determine who has primary custody, where the children live, and where the children spend the holidays. The plan can set forth who is responsible for transportation and other major decisions. A parenting plan, once signed by the court, will determine how the parents will be co-parenting after the divorce.

The primary caregiver is the parent who will have the children most of the time. The Court decides, who will be the primary caregiver, based on what is in the best interest of the child. The best interest of the child is a legal standard that the Court follows, consisting of many factors.

When making decisions about how to draft a parenting plan, consider the implications of each decision. Every family is different and the needs of each family differ as well. Both spouses should consider a reasonable parenting plan not only suitable for their needs but that which serves the best interest of the child.

Divorce with minor children can be emotionally difficult and decisions about a parenting plan can affect you for many years. We have years of experience helping our clients through the difficulty of divorce and creating a suitable parenting plan. Contact us today at (253) 838 – 3377 or email at, to talk about your divorce or need to create a parenting plan.

Disclaimer: All materials provided on this website have been prepared by Bains Law Firm for general information purposes only and no representation is made as to their completeness or accuracy. Information on this website is not intended as legal advice, and may not be relied upon as such. Only an attorney who can review the unique facts of each case and apply them to the statutes, case law and court rules can provide legal advice. Nothing in this website shall be construed to create an attorney-client relationship.

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